Perfect Teen Jobs For Summer And Beyond

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The tight job market has unfortunately meant that there are fewer jobs available for teens. However, there are many jobs that are never advertised or that teens can create themselves. Whether you work part-time for someone else or improve on an old classic, these jobs will provide extra spending money and great working experience too.

Golf Caddie

If you enjoy begin outdoors and enjoy the sport of golf, consider signing up to be a caddy at a local golf course. Summer is the prime golf season, and many courses and country clubs don’t have enough caddies. In addition to a paycheck, you will get plenty of exercise and more than a few golf tips too. One additional perk is that Forbes magazine ranks caddying as one of the best paying summer jobs. They report that caddies often receive hefty tips in addition to their base pay.

Washing Windows

Entrepreneurial teens may opt to form their own business. Forming a window cleaning business may seem old-fashioned until you realize that this is always going to be an important need. Target homeowners in your neighborhood who have tall or hard to reach windows. A long-handled squeegee will make the job easy as pie. Older teens can consider adding skylight cleaning to their list of services, which most homeowners dread doing themselves.

Health Jobs

Teens who think they may want to enter the medical field should consider getting a job in that field. Many pharmacies hire teens for pharmacy associate positions. In this job, teens assist the pharmacy staff with daily operational tasks. Another medical area that hires teens is home health. Teens in home health jobs typically fill the role of non-medical assistant, which can include running errands or simply keeping a patient company. 


If you make good grades, consider putting those skills to good use to earn some extra cash. Post flyers at your school and in your neighborhood offering to help with the subject that you are good at. There are many younger students who need your expertise in succeeding at math or science. They may even have one of your old teachers.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, the benefits of having a part-time job go further than just extra money in your wallet. It teaches you how to interact with people and provides valuable life experience that will benefit you for many years to come.

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