To Remove Or Not To Remove: Does Your Tree Pose A Danger?

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An important part of caring for your home is performing preventive maintenance to stop damage from even occurring. One of these tasks is monitoring the trees in your yard to determine if any of them need to be cut down. Removing a tree before it falls prevents the hassle of dealing with your insurance company and may prevent injury as well. So how do you know if a tree poses a real danger? Read on for some key warning signs to look for that may indicate danger. Half the Tree is Dead A good rule of thumb is that if the tree lacks foliage or...

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How To Find The Perfect Outdoor Water Fountain

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There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside listening to the sound of water.  You can get just that if you know where to buy outdoor water fountains. Outdoor water fountains come in many different styles and sizes.  You can get one small enough to sit on a table right on up to one that is large and elaborate.  No matter on the size you want, it is possible to find just what you are looking for the following ways: Garden Centers Many garden centers have all types of water fountains for sale.  They have ones that are...

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Homeowners: Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams Without Blowing Your Budget

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As one of the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate, the bathroom can really take take a huge chunk out of your overall renovation budget. This is especially true if you plan to gut your bathroom and start over. Before you make such a rash decision, however, you should see if you can salvage what you have. In many cases, a few changes and repairs can totally transform your bath.  Tub Rehab: Refinish Your Bathtub If your tub is structurally solid, you don’t have to get a new one. It’s possible to salvage even the...

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What You Need To Know Before Selecting New Carpeting

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Interested in having new carpeting installed at your home? If so, then you should be aware that there’s more to it than visiting a flooring store and picking out the sample you like best. In fact, there are a number of important considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind in order to select the carpet that’s right for your space.  Hiding Seams Believe it or not, many rooms end up with carpet seams where the carpet needs to be strategically cut and placed for a proper fit. In fact, due to difficulties with transport,...

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Perfect Teen Jobs For Summer And Beyond

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The tight job market has unfortunately meant that there are fewer jobs available for teens. However, there are many jobs that are never advertised or that teens can create themselves. Whether you work part-time for someone else or improve on an old classic, these jobs will provide extra spending money and great working experience too. Golf Caddie If you enjoy begin outdoors and enjoy the sport of golf, consider signing up to be a caddy at a local golf course. Summer is the prime golf season, and many courses and country clubs don’t have...

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Easy, Inexpensive Decorations To Upgrade Venetian Blinds

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When you’re renting, upgrading your apartment can be difficult. Your lease stipulates what you can and can’t change, including home accessories. One of the décor pieces you might need to live with is the blinds your proprietor has chosen. If you want to change your plain Venetian blinds but can’t simply replace them, use these easy, inexpensive tips for upgrading your blinds. Hang Curtains Even if you can’t remove the blinds, you can hide them in plain sight. Hang a curtain rod above the blinds rail (use curved shower...

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Carpenter Ant Infestations: Diagnosis And Treatment

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Carpenter ants are among the most common house pests in the United States, especially in the western portion of the country. While ants may seem harmless, this particular type of ant is known to bore into wood in order to build its nests. As a result, homeowners may actually experience structural damage to their homes when carpenter ants bore into the structure of the house itself. Read on to learn more about how to identify carpenter ants in your home and options for getting rid of them. Identifying Carpenter Ants Because there are...

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5 Gift Ideas For The Garden Enthusiast

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It’s hard to know what to buy someone who has everything. It’s even harder when that someone spends most of their time working outdoors in their garden yet has every single garden tool, accessory, and gadget that exists. Luckily, that’s where fun gardening gifts come in. Here are five great gift ideas for the garden enthusiast in your life: An Outdoor Fountain Nothing quite relaxes a gardener like an afternoon spent daydreaming in a shade-covered yard full of greenery. The only thing that could improve that afternoon would...

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Taking Care Of The Under Side Of Your Deck

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A deck provides a welcome outdoor retreat, and you’ll want to take care of it. However, problems on the under side of a deck aren’t as noticeable as the top side. Here are a few ways to check the wood underneath the deck and prevent it from rotting. Provide Proper Drainage Trapped moisture will only warp and soften deck boards. You will need to ensure there is proper drainage so any rainwater that collects under your deck will flow away from the area. Slope the dirt so the water runs off and away. Ensure that down spouts from...

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Carpet Cleaning: Should You Hire A Pro Or DIY?

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So, your carpets are looking a bit grungy. Maybe you’re noticing some flattening in the high traffic areas or that the carpets just don’t feel as good underfoot as they used to. Just like any other surface in your home, your carpets need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking and functioning their best. If yours are ready to be cleaned, should you hire a professional carpet cleaning service or is it okay to just do it yourself with a machine rented from your local home improvement store? Here are some considerations to help...

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